Suggested names for a spanish male baby that means truth

  1. 1 Javier
    A person who values truth and honesty above all else.
  2. 2 Alejandro
    A strong and noble person who embodies truth.
  3. 3 Rafael
    A man known for his honesty and commitment to truth.
  4. 4 Diego
    A truthful and trustworthy person.
  5. 5 Hugo
    A man known for his truthful and genuine character.
  6. 6 Luis
    A man of truth and integrity.
  7. 7 Fernando
    A person with a genuine and honest nature.
  8. 8 Miguel
    A person who always speaks the truth and is reliable.
  9. 9 Carlos
    A man of integrity and honesty.
  10. 10 Emilio
    One who always speaks the truth and is sincere.

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