Suggested names for a spanish baby that means justice

  1. 1 Derecho
    With a literal meaning of 'right,' this name reflects the concept of justice.
  2. 2 Ley
    This name, which means 'law,' signifies a person who values justice and order.
  3. 3 Verdad
    Meaning 'truth,' this name is associated with honesty and justice.
  4. 4 Solencia
    Meaning 'equity' or 'fairness,' this name is rooted in the concept of justice.
  5. 5 Juez
    Derived from the Spanish word for 'judge,' this name represents someone who upholds justice.
  6. 6 Equidad
    Meaning justice and fairness, this name is a perfect choice for someone who stands up for what is right.
  7. 7 Imparcial
    This name, which means 'impartial,' signifies a person who is fair and just.
  8. 8 Rectitud
    Symbolizing 'integrity' and 'justice,' this name is a testament to one's character.
  9. 9 Probidad
    This name, which means 'integrity' and 'uprightness,' conveys the value of justice.
  10. 10 Justo
    Derived from the Spanish word for justice, this name symbolizes fairness and equality.

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