Suggested names for a spanish male baby that means gift

  1. 1 Donato
    A name of Spanish origin meaning 'gift'.
  2. 2 Leonardo
    A strong and artistic name of Spanish origin, which means 'gift of a lion'.
  3. 3 Valentin
    A romantic and timeless Spanish name meaning 'strong' or 'healthy', representing the gift of vitality.
  4. 4 Renato
    A strong and masculine Spanish name meaning 'reborn', representing the gift of resilience and renewal.
  5. 5 Javier
    A stylish and classic Spanish name meaning 'new house', emphasizing the gift of new beginnings.
  6. 6 Felipe
    A traditional and royal Spanish name meaning 'lover of horses', symbolizing the gift of grace and elegance.
  7. 7 Alvaro
    A Spanish name meaning 'guardian of all' or 'ruler of all', symbolizing the gift of leadership.
  8. 8 Gonzalo
    A unique and powerful Spanish name meaning 'battle' or 'war', symbolizing the gift of courage and bravery.
  9. 9 Emilio
    A popular Spanish name meaning 'rival' or 'to strive', highlighting the gift of determination and ambition.
  10. 10 Armando
    A Spanish name meaning 'man of arms', indicating the gift of strength and protection.

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