Suggested names for a scandinavian female baby that means peace

  1. 1 Ragnhild
    A Scandinavian name meaning advice in battle or peaceful counsel. It has strong Norse origins and signifies strength and serenity.
  2. 2 Eira
    A name derived from Scandinavian origins meaning peace. It represents a peaceful and harmonious nature.
  3. 3 Frida
    A feminine Scandinavian name meaning peace. It is also associated with strength and beauty, making it a powerful choice.
  4. 4 Maija
    A Finnish variation of the name Maria, derived from Scandinavian origins. It symbolizes peace and purity.
  5. 5 Sigrid
    A Scandinavian name meaning beautiful victory or peace. It represents a harmonious and successful nature.
  6. 6 Ingrid
    A name of Scandinavian origin meaning beautiful princess or peace. It signifies a serene and regal character.
  7. 7 Gudrun
    A Scandinavian name meaning peace of a god. It has historical significance and represents tranquility and divine peace.
  8. 8 Ella
    A name derived from Scandinavian and Germanic origins meaning beautiful fairy or goddess of peace. It represents grace and tranquility.
  9. 9 Freja
    A Scandinavian name meaning peace. It is associated with the Norse goddess of love and beauty.
  10. 10 Mira
    A name of Scandinavian origin meaning peace. It is also used in other cultures and languages, symbolizing calmness and tranquility.

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