Suggested names for a scandinavian male baby that means hope

  1. 1 Torsten
    Torsten is a powerful Scandinavian name that signifies hope and divine strength.
  2. 2 Axel
    Axel is a strong and powerful name originating from Scandinavia, meaning hope.
  3. 3 Viggo
    Viggo is a unique and bold Scandinavian name that represents hope and determination.
  4. 4 Lars
    Lars is a traditional Scandinavian name that represents hope and resilience.
  5. 5 Nils
    Nils is a charming and timeless name from Scandinavia, bringing hope to those who bear it.
  6. 6 Olav
    Olav is a royal Scandinavian name that epitomizes hope and grace.
  7. 7 Gustav
    Gustav is a regal Scandinavian name that signifies hope and noble strength.
  8. 8 Sven
    Sven is a strong and mighty Scandinavian name, symbolizing hope and a warrior spirit.
  9. 9 Rasmus
    Rasmus is a popular Scandinavian name that embodies hope and optimism.
  10. 10 Erik
    Erik is a classic Scandinavian name that symbolizes hope and prosperity.

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