Suggested names for a russian baby that means hope

  1. 1 Sasha
    A popular Russian name that can be given to both boys and girls, it represents the hope for a prosperous and joyful life.
  2. 2 Artem
    Derived from the name of the Greek goddess of the hunt, this Russian name represents the hope for strength and courage.
  3. 3 Pyotr
    Derived from the Russian word for 'rock', this name represents a solid foundation and the hope for stability and strength.
  4. 4 Nikita
    This Russian name is associated with hope and optimism, symbolizing the desire for a bright and promising future.
  5. 5 Vera
    Meaning 'faith' in Russian, this name symbolizes the hope and belief in something greater.
  6. 6 Zoya
    Symbolizing hope and brightness, this Russian name is the perfect choice for those seeking a gender-neutral name with a positive meaning.
  7. 7 Milena
    Meaning 'gracious' or 'favor' in Russian, this name embodies the hope for kindness and goodwill in one's life.
  8. 8 Nadezhda
    Derived from the Russian word for hope, this name is often given to children with the desire that they bring hope and happiness to their families and loved ones.
  9. 9 Anya
    A popular Russian name that means 'grace' or 'favor', it signifies the hope for blessing and favor from above.
  10. 10 Nikolai
    This gender-neutral Russian name means 'victory of the people' and signifies hope for a better future.

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