Suggested names for a russian baby that means faith

  1. 1 Sasha
    A popular Russian name, often used as a diminutive form of Alexander or Alexandra.
  2. 2 Nadya
    A diminutive form of the name Nadezhda, meaning 'hope'
  3. 3 Vika
    A diminutive form of the name Victoria, meaning 'victory'.
  4. 4 Milan
    Derived from the Slavic word for 'gracious' or 'dear'
  5. 5 Nikita
    Derived from the Greek name Niketas, meaning 'victor' or 'winner'.
  6. 6 Danya
    A diminutive form of the name Daniel, meaning 'God is my judge'.
  7. 7 Roma
    A short form of the name Roman, meaning 'from Rome' or 'a citizen of Rome'.
  8. 8 Yuri
    A form of the name George, meaning 'earth-worker' or 'farmer'.
  9. 9 Luka
    A variant of the name Luke, meaning 'bringer of light'.
  10. 10 Misha
    A diminutive form of the names Michael or Michail, meaning 'who is like God'.

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