Suggested names for a russian female baby that means faith

  1. 1 Nadia
    A popular choice in Russia, Nadia means 'hope' and symbolizes optimism and faith.
  2. 2 Anastasia
    With its roots in Greek, this name conveys resurrection and the triumph of faith over adversity.
  3. 3 Yekaterina
    Derived from the Greek name Catherine, Yekaterina signifies purity and the unwavering purity of faith.
  4. 4 Svetlana
    This elegant name literally means 'light' and signifies the illuminating power of faith.
  5. 5 Vera
    Derived from the Russian word for 'faith', this name exudes strength and conviction.
  6. 6 Larisa
    Derived from the ancient city of Larissa, this name reflects unwavering devotion and faithfulness.
  7. 7 Zoya
    Meaning 'life' in Russian, Zoya represents the enduring belief in the sanctity of existence.
  8. 8 Alina
    A popular Russian name, Alina stands for 'noble' and represents the noble qualities inspired by faith.
  9. 9 Aleksandra
    With its roots in Greek, Aleksandra means 'defender of mankind' and embodies the protective strength of faith.
  10. 10 Yelizaveta
    This regal name, meaning 'pledged to God', reflects the profound trust and faith placed in a higher power.

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