Suggested names for a russian male baby that means blessing

  1. 1 Dmitri
    Dmitri, meaning 'blessing,' is a classic Russian name filled with charm and grace.
  2. 2 Viktor
    Viktor is a strong and noble Russian name meaning 'blessing,' suitable for a person who brings joy to others.
  3. 3 Danya
    Danya, derived from the Russian word for 'blessing,' is a unique and charismatic name choice.
  4. 4 Grigori
    Grigori, meaning 'blessing,' is a distinguished Russian name that carries an air of wisdom and authority.
  5. 5 Ivan
    Ivan, meaning 'blessing,' is a popular and enduring Russian name, evoking a sense of strength and resilience.
  6. 6 Mikhail
    Mikhail, derived from the Russian word for 'blessing,' is a name with deep cultural roots.
  7. 7 Anatoliy
    Meaning 'blessing,' Anatoliy is a traditional Russian name with historic significance.
  8. 8 Sergei
    Sergei is a traditional Russian name associated with 'blessing,' symbolizing wisdom and grace.
  9. 9 Alexei
    Meaning 'defender of the people' and originating from the Russian word for 'blessing,' Alexei is a regal and honorable name choice.
  10. 10 Nikolai
    Nikolai is a timeless Russian name meaning 'blessing,' representing strength and prosperity.

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