Suggested names for an italian male baby that means prosperity

  1. 1 Giancarlo
    An Italian name composed of the elements 'Gian' meaning 'God is gracious' and 'Carlo' which denotes 'man; husband'
  2. 2 Vittorio
    An Italian name that represents 'victor; conqueror; prosperous'
  3. 3 Amadeo
    A name of Italian origin that signifies 'lover of God'
  4. 4 Benedetto
    An Italian name that conveys 'blessed and prosperous'
  5. 5 Luciano
    An Italian name that signifies 'light; bringer of light; prosperous'
  6. 6 Aldo
    A name of Italian origin that means 'prosperity'
  7. 7 Felice
    A name of Italian origin that represents 'happy and prosperous'
  8. 8 Fortunato
    An Italian name that means 'fortunate and prosperous'
  9. 9 Emilio
    An Italian name that symbolizes 'rival; eager; industrious; to strive'
  10. 10 Pietro
    A name of Italian origin that means 'rock; stone; prosperous'

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