Suggested names for a hebrew baby that means integrity

  1. 1 Micah
    Micah means 'who is like God'. It is a name that reflects humility and reverence.
  2. 2 Tehila
    Tehila means 'song of praise'. It is a name that signifies joy, gratitude, and celebration.
  3. 3 Or
    Or means 'light'. It represents illumination and enlightenment.
  4. 4 Ariel
    Ariel means 'lion of God'. It is a name that embodies strength and courage.
  5. 5 Ziv
    Ziv means 'brightness' or 'radiance'. It represents a person who embodies inner light and positivity.
  6. 6 Eden
    Eden is a name that represents paradise. It signifies purity and innocence.
  7. 7 Hadar
    Hadar means 'adorned' or 'splendor'. It is a name that conveys beauty and grace.
  8. 8 Niran
    Niran means 'eternal lamp'. It signifies a person who brings light and guidance to others.
  9. 9 Yarden
    Yarden means 'to flow down'. It reflects the idea of a person who brings peace and tranquility to others.
  10. 10 Shai
    Shai means 'gift'. It embodies the idea of a person who brings blessings and good fortune to others.

Please note that the meanings and origins provided for baby names on our website are based on historical and cultural interpretations, and may not be universally accurate or up to date. We recommend conducting your own research to ensure the name's meaning aligns with your understanding and expectations

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