Suggested names for a hawaiian male baby that means truth

  1. 1 Keoni
    A traditional Hawaiian name meaning 'God is gracious,' it reflects the truth of divine benevolence.
  2. 2 Makana
    Meaning 'gift,' this name symbolizes the truth of a precious blessing.
  3. 3 Kahoku
    Named after the stars, this name represents truth and guidance.
  4. 4 Kailua
    Inspired by a serene beach in Hawaii, this name embodies tranquility and truthfulness.
  5. 5 Alakai
    This name represents a 'leader' or 'guide,' embodying the truth of someone who directs others towards a righteous path.
  6. 6 Nalu
    Meaning 'wave' in Hawaiian, this name symbolizes the truth of strength and resilience through life's challenges.
  7. 7 Kaiwi
    A powerful name meaning 'dark sea,' it reflects the truth of mysterious depths and hidden treasures.
  8. 8 Nohea
    This name signifies 'handsome' or 'beautiful,' representing the truth of an attractive soul.
  9. 9 Keanu
    Derived from the Hawaiian word for 'cool breeze,' it embodies the refreshing truth of a calm presence.
  10. 10 Kaimana
    Derived from 'kai' meaning 'ocean' and 'mana' meaning 'power,' this name symbolizes the truth of a mighty force that cannot be contained.

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