Suggested names for a hawaiian female baby that means noble

  1. 1 Nalani
    The name Nalani means 'the heavens' and reflects someone with a celestial and ethereal presence.
  2. 2 Maile
    The name Maile means 'vine' and symbolizes strength and resilience.
  3. 3 Noelani
    The name Noelani means 'heavenly mist' and denotes someone who is mysterious and enchanting.
  4. 4 Kapua
    The name Kapua means 'flower' and symbolizes grace, beauty, and delicacy.
  5. 5 Kalea
    The name Kalea means 'joy' and represents someone who brings happiness and laughter wherever they go.
  6. 6 Leilani
    The name Leilani means 'heavenly flower' and signifies someone with a gentle and nurturing nature.
  7. 7 Alaula
    The name Alaula means 'light of dawn' and represents someone who brings positivity and brightness into the lives of others.
  8. 8 Malie
    The name Malie means 'calm' and represents someone who embodies tranquility and peace.
  9. 9 Ululani
    The name Ululani means 'inspiration from heaven' and represents someone who inspires others through their words and actions.
  10. 10 Halia
    The name Halia means 'remembrance of a loved one' and signifies someone who cherishes and holds dear the memories of those they have lost.

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