Suggested names for a hawaiian baby that means integrity

  1. 1 Kailani
    A name derived from the Hawaiian words 'kai' (sea) and 'lani' (heaven). It conveys the idea of living with integrity in harmony with nature.
  2. 2 Kapono
    A unisex name meaning 'the righteous one' or 'the honest one', reflecting a person's commitment to integrity.
  3. 3 Nalani
    Signifying 'the heavens' or 'the calm skies', this name represents the notion of having integrity and maintaining a peaceful demeanor.
  4. 4 Makana
    Meaning 'the gift', this name conveys the idea of integrity in giving and selflessness.
  5. 5 Kanoa
    A unisex name that means 'free' or 'one's abilities are unrestricted', representing the concept of living with integrity and authenticity.
  6. 6 Kona
    A unisex name associated with the islands of Hawaii, representing a person's commitment to integrity and loyalty.
  7. 7 Lokelani
    A name that signifies integrity and is associated with the beautiful flowers of Hawaii.
  8. 8 Keahi
    Derived from the Hawaiian word for 'the fire', this name symbolizes a person's inner strength and integrity.
  9. 9 Keala
    Meaning 'the path' or 'the way', this name represents the importance of honesty and truthfulness.
  10. 10 Luana
    Derived from the Hawaiian word 'lū'ana' meaning 'to be at leisure', this name embodies the idea of living with integrity and finding joy in simplicity.

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