Suggested names for a greek baby that means prosperity

  1. 1 Eunomia
    Eunomia means good order or lawful government, symbolizing prosperity in society.
  2. 2 Eurydice
    Eurydice means wide justice or prosperity, signifying a state of wealth and harmony.
  3. 3 Eumenides
    Eumenides means the gracious ones, representing divine spirits associated with prosperity.
  4. 4 Euthalia
    Euthalia means abundance or prosperity, symbolizing a fruitful and flourishing life.
  5. 5 Euphoria
    Euphoria means a feeling of great happiness and prosperity, embodying joyous abundance.
  6. 6 Eudaimon
    Eudaimon means one who possesses a prosperous or happy life.
  7. 7 Euonomos
    Euonomos means having a good name or reputation, representing prosperity.
  8. 8 Euphrosyne
    Euphrosyne means joy or mirth, bringing forth a sense of prosperity.
  9. 9 Eudoxia
    Eudoxia means prosperity and is derived from the Greek word 'eudokia'.
  10. 10 Eutychios
    Eutychios means fortunate or lucky, symbolizing prosperity.

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