Suggested names for a greek baby that means justice

  1. 1 Eunomia
    A name associated with good governance and the principle of justice.
  2. 2 Peitho
    Representing the concept of persuasion, this name signifies creating a just and persuasive argument.
  3. 3 Alexis
    A strong and noble name that means justice.
  4. 4 Andrew
    A Greek name meaning 'manly' or 'brave', hinting at the strength required to uphold justice.
  5. 5 Adrasteia
    Meaning 'the one who cannot be escaped', it represents the unwavering nature of justice.
  6. 6 Themis
    Denoting law, order, and justice, this name holds a significant role in Greek mythology.
  7. 7 Niko
    Derived from the Greek word for victory, it represents the triumph of justice over injustice.
  8. 8 Arete
    Translating to 'excellence', it embodies the concept of moral virtue and ethical values.
  9. 9 Charis
    Symbolizing grace and charm, this name encompasses the idea of fairness and righteous demeanor.
  10. 10 Dike
    Derived from the Greek goddess of justice, this name symbolizes fairness and righteousness.

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