Suggested names for a german male baby that means gift

  1. 1 Erich
    A powerful German name that means 'ruler' or 'gifted ruler'
  2. 2 Friedrich
    This name signifies peace and is a perfect gift for a calm and gentle individual
  3. 3 Reinhard
    This name represents bravery and strength, making it a perfect gift for an adventurous soul
  4. 4 Siegfried
    A legendary German name that means 'victory' or 'peaceful gift'
  5. 5 Gerhard
    A traditional German name that means 'strength' or 'brave with a spear'
  6. 6 Adler
    A strong and noble German name that means 'gift'
  7. 7 Brandt
    Meaning 'fire' in German, it represents the gift of passion and energy
  8. 8 Hans
    A classic German name that means 'gift from God'
  9. 9 Klaus
    A popular German name that means 'victorious people'
  10. 10 Werner
    This German name signifies 'protective warrior' and is a great gift for a courageous person

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