Suggested names for a french female baby that means gift

  1. 1 Céline
    A name meaning 'heavenly' but also associated with the concept of gift.
  2. 2 Claire
    A name derived from the Latin word 'clarus' meaning 'bright' or 'clear', representing the gift of illumination and clarity.
  3. 3 Ariane
    A French name meaning 'very holy', depicting the gift of deep spirituality.
  4. 4 Emmanuelle
    A name meaning 'God is with us', signifying the gift of divine presence and protection.
  5. 5 Renée
    A name derived from the French word 'rené' meaning 'born again' or 'rebirth', signifying the gift of new beginnings.
  6. 6 Dorothée
    A name derived from the Greek word 'doron' meaning 'gift'.
  7. 7 Isabelle
    A variant of the name 'Elizabeth', meaning 'consecrated to God' or 'God's promise'.
  8. 8 Lucienne
    A name originating from the Latin 'lux' meaning 'light', symbolizing the gift of inner radiance.
  9. 9 Élodie
    A name originating from the French word 'élodie' which means 'gift of God'.
  10. 10 Juliette
    A name derived from the Latin word 'iulius' which means 'youthful' or 'downy-bearded', symbolizing the gift of eternal youth.

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