Suggested names for an english male baby that means noble

  1. 1 Winston
    Originated as a surname meaning 'joy stone', representing noble joy
  2. 2 Reginald
    An Old English name meaning 'counselor' or 'ruler'
  3. 3 Arthur
    Derived from the Celtic word for 'bear', symbolizing bravery and strength
  4. 4 Geoffrey
    Derived from the Germanic words for 'god' and 'peace', symbolizing divine nobility
  5. 5 Richard
    Originally derived from Germanic elements meaning 'brave' and 'ruler'
  6. 6 Leonard
    Derived from Germanic elements meaning 'brave' and 'hardy'
  7. 7 Ambrose
    Comes from the Late Latin name Ambrosius, meaning 'immortal' or 'divine'
  8. 8 Alfred
    Means 'counselor' or 'wise' in Old English, representing noble wisdom
  9. 9 Edward
    A classic English name meaning 'noble'
  10. 10 Percival
    An Arthurian legend name, representing strength and nobility

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