Suggested names for an english male baby that means integrity

  1. 1 Samuel
    Comes from the Hebrew name 'Shemu'el', meaning 'heard by God'
  2. 2 Alexander
    Originally from the Greek name 'Alexandros', meaning 'defender of men'
  3. 3 Graham
    Derived from the English surname 'Graeme', meaning 'gravelly homestead'
  4. 4 Preston
    Derived from an English place name meaning 'priest's town'
  5. 5 Ethan
    Derived from the Hebrew name 'Eitan', meaning 'strong' or 'enduring'
  6. 6 Nolan
    Comes from an Irish surname, derived from the Gaelic word 'nuall', meaning 'noble' or 'famous'
  7. 7 Garrett
    Derived from the Irish surname 'Ó Riain', meaning 'descendant of Riain'. Riain is an Irish personal name meaning 'grace' or 'gentleness'
  8. 8 Everett
    Derived from the Germanic name 'Eberhard', meaning 'brave as a wild boar'
  9. 9 Asher
    Comes from a Hebrew name meaning 'happy' or 'blessed'
  10. 10 Spencer
    Derived from an old English occupational surname 'spencere', meaning 'dispenser of provisions'

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