Suggested names for an african baby that means integrity

  1. 1 Isioma
    Derived from a Nigerian word, this name symbolizes a person of integrity and sound moral principles.
  2. 2 Mbeki
    This name represents a person of integrity and uprightness, always doing the right thing.
  3. 3 Nuvia
    Meaning 'honesty' or 'truth', this name symbolizes a person with strong moral values and integrity.
  4. 4 Ayotunde
    Meaning 'a person of integrity and a person of return', this name conveys honesty and trustworthiness.
  5. 5 Mohale
    Derived from a Sesotho word, this name signifies honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity.
  6. 6 Adisa
    Meaning 'one who makes their meaning clear', this name symbolizes integrity and honesty.
  7. 7 Thulani
    Meaning 'to be quiet' or 'to be still', this name signifies integrity and inner peace.
  8. 8 Thobeka
    Meaning 'someone who is reliable', this name represents a person known for their integrity and dependability.
  9. 9 Imara
    This name represents strength and steadfastness, reflecting integrity and moral character.
  10. 10 Miremba
    Derived from a Swahili word, this name signifies honesty and truthfulness.

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