Suggested names for a trivia app that is targeted for teenagers

  1. 1 Quiz Wiz
    Put your knowledge to the test and challenge your friends to see who can become the ultimate quiz whiz.
  2. 2 Trivium
    Explore a world of trivia as you compete with others in various topics, unlocking new levels of difficulty along the way.
  3. 3 Knowledge Burst
    Sharpen your mind with quick bursts of trivia questions covering a wide range of subjects.
  4. 4 Trivia Blast
    Experience an explosion of trivia questions as you race against time to conquer each level of this intense quiz game.
  5. 5 Quiz Quest
    Embark on a trivia adventure as you answer questions across various topics and try to become the ultimate quiz champion.
  6. 6 Brain Blitz
    Test your knowledge with challenging trivia questions in this fast-paced brain game.
  7. 7 Quiz Mania
    Engage in a frenzy of trivia questions and compete against your friends to see who can become the ultimate quiz master.
  8. 8 Brain Teaser
    Challenge your mind with thought-provoking trivia questions, designed to test your knowledge and critical thinking skills.
  9. 9 Trivia Dash
    Race against the clock as you answer trivia questions of increasing difficulty in this thrilling quiz game.
  10. 10 Trivia Trail
    Embark on an exciting journey through trivia trails, answering questions to progress and uncover new challenges.

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