Suggested names for a trivia app that is targeted for adults

  1. 1 Trivia Pursuit
    Embark on a quest to conquer the world of trivia as you answer challenging questions and unlock new levels in this lengthy trivia game designed for adults.
  2. 2 Mastermind Trivia
    Become the mastermind of trivia with this app offering a long gameplay experience tailored for adult players. Test your knowledge, unlock achievements, and dominate the leaderboards in this epic trivia adventure.
  3. 3 Whiz Kid Trivia
    Channel your inner whiz kid as you tackle a wide variety of trivia questions in this lengthy and stimulating trivia app for adults. Compete against other brainiacs and climb the ranks to become the ultimate whiz kid.
  4. 4 Trivia Odyssey
    Embark on an epic odyssey of trivia challenges with this app designed for adult players seeking a long and immersive gameplay experience. Journey through different eras and discover fascinating facts along the way.
  5. 5 Brain Teaser Trivia
    Exercise your brain with this collection of mind-bending trivia questions that will keep you entertained for hours. Perfect for adults seeking a long and stimulating challenge.
  6. 6 Quiz Champ
    Test your knowledge and compete against other trivia enthusiasts in this extensive trivia app for adults. With a variety of categories and a long gameplay length, becoming the quiz champ has never been more rewarding.
  7. 7 The Trivia Quest
    Join the ultimate trivia quest for adults in this long and captivating trivia game. Explore various categories, solve challenging puzzles, and prove yourself as the ultimate trivia connoisseur.
  8. 8 Brainiac Trivia
    Unleash your inner brainiac with this long and immersive trivia experience made for adult intellectuals. Answer challenging questions and prove your intelligence to claim the crown of the ultimate brainiac.
  9. 9 Trivia Marathon
    Embark on an epic trivia marathon with this app designed to challenge the minds of adults. With hundreds of questions and a long gameplay length, this trivia journey will keep you entertained for days to come.
  10. 10 Trivia Masters
    Challenge your knowledge and become the ultimate trivia master in this long and engaging trivia game for adults.

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